Dr. Ravi Chatterjee


It is my firm belief that with the right effort and systematic guidance, anyone can do well in life.

Dr. Ravi Chatterjee is a seasoned Academician having more than 14 years of rich experience in the field of Management Education, Business management and Entrepreneurship.

Professional Experience

Academic Experience (12 years) + Industry Experience (4 years)

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Reflection of the inner soul is what we call our face,

This defines us in the shortest possible space.

It’s our identity, without which people won’t have our trace.

Truly it’s the best gift and tool by which we can catch up the pace.

So, my friends, we have a lot to achieve and there is no time to waste.

Let’s join hands, work as a team and conquest.

Contribution to the field of research

Director IRSSM (International Research Symposium in Service Management)

Student Testimonials

"Ravi sir has been my inspiration and is a great mentor. His style of teaching has left me mesmerized. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours."
"Ravi Sir, in my opinion, apart from being the expert that he is in his various fields of interest, uniquely identifies and inspires every student to become better as a person than he/she previously was."
He is one of the best mentors I have come across in my entire career. Knowledge sharing is always at his best. Proud to have him as my mentor.
"Dr Ravi Chatterjee is a great coach with a pleasant personality & core knowledge of the domain. It was my privilege to be taught by Dr Ravi. He always helped us in every aspect from our studies to interview preparation. A personality full of motivation."
"Dr. Ravi Chatterjee is an inspiration helping his students know what it means to be passionate, dedicated and committed to one's work. I am extremely grateful to be guided and mentored by him. He has always encouraged his students to be particular in what they do."
"He is one of the best faculty in our institute and one of my favourite teachers. His attitude toward his job is praisable. He knows his subject very well and the way he teaches or delivers his knowledge is great, even a person who is new to the subject can follow easily."

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